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TU hosts neuroscience experts in education forum

Ben Carson

Ben Carson speaks about the relationship between neuroscience and learning.

How does the brain learn? This question was at the center of the first of TU’s six-part forum series, “Preparing for the Public Education of the 21st Century,” held Thursday night in the West Village Commons.

Towson Presidential Scholar Nancy Grasmick, who leads the program, welcomed acclaimed neuroscience experts Dr. Benjamin Carson and Dr. Martha Denckla for the event.

Carson, a world-famous pediatric neurologist with Johns Hopkins Hospital and Denckla, the director of the Developmental Cognitive Neurology Clinic at the Kennedy Krieger Institute, spoke to a packed ballroom filled with educators, school administrators and policy makers, delving into the anatomy of the brain and its impact on how students learn.

The forum is the first in a series of six that provides education stakeholders the opportunity to interact with national experts. Grasmick’s second forum will be held on March 26, and feature former Baltimore Police Commissioner Fred Bealefeld on the topic of school violence.