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Ravens face salary challenges, says economics professor

The contract of Joe Flacco could make a sizeable dent in the Ravens' salary cap, explains Tom Rhoads, an economics professor.   Photo courtesy of www.baltimoreravens.com.

Photo courtesy of www.baltimoreravens.com.

Tom Rhoads, a Towson University professor of economics, admits the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens have some difficult roster decisions to make in order to stay under the salary cap, according to a story by Fox 45.

With several key players—including quarterback Joe Flacco, safety Ed Reed, linebacker Paul Kruger and fullback Vonta Leach—entering unrestricted free agency this year, the Ravens have some maneuvering to do in order to stay under the $121 million salary cap set by the National Football League.

Rhoads told Fox 45 that it’s simply a question of math. “Can they put the same team on the field? Probably not. The math just doesn’t seem to work.”

Rhoads explained that the Ravens will have to consider releasing “some of the veterans or some of the younger guys who might be getting a higher salary next year.”

One such player is Flacco, who had a banner season and was voted Super Bowl MVP.

“There’s no reason for him to leave,” continued Rhoads. “There’s no reason for the Ravens to get rid of him. That’s just ludicrous to think that. So all the additional money, something’s gotta give.”

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