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Towson campus rallies for RecycleMania 2013

Recycling CenterFor the eighth consecutive year, Towson University will compete against more than 600 colleges and universities in RecycleMania, a national recycling and waste minimization tournament.

The eight-week competition began February 3 and will continue through March 30. Participating colleges and universities will contend in a number of categories including recycling rate and overall waste minimization.

Schools submit weekly campus recycling and waste statistics throughout the competition, and standings are updated online each week based on the numbers submitted.

In its first week, Towson recycled 24,200 pounds or 23.7 percent of its waste. Newell Hall led the residence halls by recycling 1.67 pounds per student.

The university has participated in RecycleMania every year since 2006, focusing every year on further improvement in waste minimization and overall conservation. Towson’s single-stream recycling system accepts plastics, paper, cardboard and aluminum, but any recycling bin contaminated by trash will be disposed as such. 

Track the stats on the RecycleMania website. For more information on where and how to recycle on campus, visit Towson’s Go Green website.