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Nancy Grasmick integrates education programs at Towson, Kennedy Krieger

Nancy Grasmick, a presidential scholar at Towson University and regional and national education pioneer, is working closely with teachers at Towson University and researchers at Kennedy Krieger Institute in a collaborative effort to best prepare and produce leaders in the field of education.

Nancy GrasmickThe former superintendent of Maryland State Schools is the current presidential scholar for innovation in teacher and leader education at Towson University, her alma mater.

In that role, Grasmick has been tasked by President Maravene Loeschke to transform the university’s teacher preparation and early career support program into a national model, one that produces effective educators with the knowledge and commitment to prepare students for success in a challenging industry.

She is also the director of Kennedy Krieger Institute’s Center for Innovation and Leadership in Special Education, where she mentors fellows and develops programs that train teachers to better address the specific learning needs of students with neurodevelopmental disabilities. 

Her involvement with both institutions creates an equally advantageous partnership that most benefits students and educators in Maryland, says Grasmick.

“When I came to Towson to look at innovation in teacher education and how that could develop across campus, I also saw an opportunity to do something innovative with Kennedy Krieger, one that would provide a better way of preparing administrators, in particular, in the field of special education,” she explains.

“Towson can offer certification, Kennedy Krieger can offer the depth of coursework. So there is a partnership that provides special education majors the opportunity to first receive extraordinary training at Kennedy Krieger and to then achieve administrator certification at Towson University,” Grasmick continues.

“I look forward to populating our school systems with these incredibly well-trained people.”

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