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Professor to lead professional workshops for high schoolers

Tim Maurer

TU professor Tim Maurer will speak to students about how to balance their goals.

Nearly 100 Baltimore County high school students will participate in professional workshops, mock interviews and other career resources at the annual Academy of Finance Student Conference to be held March 15 at Towson University.

Co-hosted by the College of Business and Economics since 2009, the annual event welcomes students in the Academy of Finance program at Randallstown, Overlea and Landsdowne high schools.

As the keynote speaker, financial guru, author and adjunct accounting professor Tim Maurer will share his advice on the importance of balancing professional and financial goals with personal values. CBE students also take part in the event, overseeing the mock interviews and other presentations.

Originating from the National Academies Foundation, the Academy of Finance is a co-curricular program for high school students interested in business, economics and finance. The program incorporates various experiential learning opportunities inside and outside of the classroom, and offers a curriculum that covers banking and credit, financial planning, international finance, securities, insurance, accounting and economics.

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