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Art alumna receives Super Bowl ring from the Ravens

We recently sat down with Anneliese Bruce, Towson University alumna and graphic designer for the Baltimore Ravens. Bruce had the opportunity to travel with the team to New Orleans and she received a ring from the Ravens after their Super Bowl win.

What made you decide to attend Towson University? What did you enjoy most about your time here?  

Towson had the major I wanted, graphic design, and it was close to home. At the time, I had a steady, part-time job and bills to pay. Being able to keep my job and stay close to home made me choose Towson. Once there, I really loved the teachers. I got along well with them, and still remain friends with most of them today. All the hard work they put in helped me succeed.

How did your time at Towson prepare you for a career as a graphic designer?

The teachers again: they were tough on us. They didn’t give us breaks. They treated us like we were in the real world. The students who needed special attention received it, but I just buckled down and took the tough assignments. I think it really helps you and prepares you.

Anneliese Bruce

Anneliese Bruce poses with the Vince Lombardi trophy.

How did you get your current job with the Baltimore Ravens?

The Ravens get so many resumes and applications that something has to stand out, and for me I think was that I worked at Under Armour. And I think the fact that I took all these different internships really helped me figure out what I wanted to do, as well prepare for the real world and grow my portfolio to where I could get the job I’m in today. I’ve had some pretty awesome jobs. My first job out of Towson was at the Discovery Channel.

What is it like working for the Ravens? Did you travel with the team to the Super Bowl?

I love football. I get to do something I love every day, for a team that I love. And there are so many graduates from Towson working for the Ravens, it’s crazy. Towson is definitely representing, especially in the marketing department.

When they won the games against Denver and New England, I thought, “I might have the chance go to the Super Bowl.” After the AFC Championship game, there was a big meeting and we got to hear who was going. The staff was part of the Super Bowl team and it was unbelievable—words can’t describe how cool it was. They flew us down, put us in the team hotel and paid for everything. And all the parties included the players and the staff, which was cool since we don’t usually get to interact with the players all that often.

Did you expect to receive a Super Bowl ring?

It was definitely a total surprise. After the Super Bowl I was brought on full time and actually got to attend the ring ceremony. Steve Bisciotti gave a speech and said, “Okay, you can look in front of you now because your rings have been sitting there the whole time.” We each had a box with a mirror on the top of it and our rings were inside. Since I was still an intern when we won the Super Bowl, my ring is a Class B ring but it’s still huge. It has my name on it, has the year… it looks like a huge class ring.



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