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TU alum Schumer gives students big laughs in Stephens Hall Theatre performance

Based on the hours-long stream of tweets, Towson University students couldn’t get enough of alumna Amy Schumer’s decidedly unapologetic, uncensored brand of humor after her show at Stephens Hall Theatre Thursday night.

“I’ve never laughed so hard in my life! My sides still hurt,” said one tweet.

“@amyschumer is my spirit animal,” said another.

And then there were the ones we can’t print here. There were a lot of those.

“I thought she was tastefully dirty for her audience,” said Jared Weiner ’17. “Nothing way too over the top to offend a lot of people.”

“I [think] it felt more dirty to a guy in the audience than a girl because us girls could easily relate to some of the stuff she joked about,” said Charlotte Ridgeway ’14.

Alumna Amy Schumer '03 on campus Thursday (Photo: University Store)

Alumna Amy Schumer ’03 on campus Thursday
(Photo: University Store)

Schumer finished her B.A. in Theatre in 2003. After years of comedy and theater work, she is now launching the second season of her Comedy Central show, “Inside Amy Schumer.” The actress is also one of the show’s executive producers. Her set at Stephens was part of her latest tour.

“It was fun to hear about the experiences of living on campus from an alum who has made a life for herself as a comedian,” said Nick Salacki ’15. “It’s awesome to bring some deserved recognition to a great school by having one of its alums be so successful.”

As you might expect, the 32-year-old comedian cracked plenty of jokes about being at TU. Students who have lived in Tower D found some solidarity in the fact that Schumer did, too. And she even handed out some free advice about that dreaded Freshman 15. “Go to the Glen and make three rounds,” she said.

She also told a story about the end of a night out, when she loudly informed her friends that she wasn’t going to pay the cab driver—while they were still in the cab. Then she had some trouble trying to run away from the car. “I couldn’t stop running and fell into the huge ditch by the Glen Bridge,” she told the crowd.

Most of the talk on Twitter praised Schumer’s act, but the less funny side of college set in pretty soon after the show for some. “Just got back from Amy Schumer and now I have two papers to write for tomorrow morning. #maythelordbewithme” said one tweet.

Season two of “Inside Amy Schumer” premiers on Comedy Central April 1. As far as we know, the April Fool’s Day date is just a coincidence.