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Honors College partners with Seelio to showcase student success

The Honors College has formed a partnership with Seelio, an online portfolio site that allows students to capture their experiential learning online, making it easy to effectively and beautifully document their projects and begin to build their personal brand.

Based in Michigan, Seelio is an educational service and technology company that collaborates with colleges and universities to provide students with visually rich, online multimedia portfolios with which they can showcase their work, achievements and passions.

Goodyear screen grab

A screen grab of Goodyear’s Seelio portfolio, which showcases his extracurricular achievements.

“My favorite part about Seelio is the way the information is organized,” says Bryan Goodyear, a business administration student and Seelio user. “It takes more work to put a new Seelio project up, but it forces you to reflect on the project and tell a story on what you accomplished and how you grew from it.”

Fuscsick screen grab

A screen grab of Fuscsick’s Seelio portfolio, which highlights her work with Under Armour.

The platform also provides users with the ability to network with one another and share their online portfolios, widening their prospects for internship and career placement.

“I have been able to give the link to my Seelio portfolio to potential employers to show them some of the amazing work I was a part of at Under Armour and other internship experiences,” shares Macy Fuscsick, who studied human resource management before graduating in May.

“Not only do I get to share my experiences with others, but I also get to reminisce on some of my favorite memories from my internships.”

Stoker screen grab

A screen grab of Stoker’s Seelio portfolio, which chronicles her academic research.

“Seelio has given me a place to share my work and really understand the value each project has built for me,” agrees Melissa Stoker, an international relations major who also graduated last May.

“Seelio is great for communicating that worth to potential employers and fellow students, but it is especially essential to building my own personal confidence.”

“Through Seelio online portfolios, our students have the opportunity to showcase their academic and experiential learning experiences in an innovative and dynamic way,” says Bethany Pace, acting assistant dean for the Honors College.

“As they develop their portfolios, we are especially excited about the opportunities students have to be interactive and collaborative with their peers as well as well as their faculty.”

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