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Statement from Acting President Timothy J.L. Chandler

Earlier this afternoon, approximately 35 Towson University students held a peaceful rally that began at Freedom Square and continued to Albert S. Cook Library. On the first floor of the library building, the students held a “die in” for four minutes and 31 seconds before walking to the University Union for a discussion of recent events. Following those activities, Acting President Timothy J.L. Chandler issued the following statement:

“During this time of heightened emotions surrounding recent conversations occurring across the nation as a result of events in Ferguson, Missouri and New York City, I thank and applaud our Towson students for their respectful and peaceful protests on our campus, including today’s events at Freedom Square and Cook Library.

“What better place than an academic community for this meaningful and essential dialogue to take place. It is here that our students are provided the opportunity to broaden their hearts and minds by sharing, listening, and learning from each other’s experiences. As educators, it is our duty to listen and offer guidance to them in the most productive way possible.”

Timothy J.L. Chandler
Acting President
Towson University

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