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Towson continues to “make an impact” in Maryland


Big things are happening at Towson University to help improve the quality of life and economic competitiveness for Marylanders.

A recently published, university-wide report titled “Making an Impact” highlights the teaching, applied research and partnerships the Towson University community has accomplished with partners around Maryland in 2015.

The report showcases the innovative approaches faculty and staff are taking when it comes to entrepreneurship and workforce development. Students majoring in STEM-related fields are also featured, showcasing Towson’s diversified academic offerings.

“I am proud of the work Towson University has done over the past year,” said Dyan Brasington, vice president of innovation and applied research at Towson. “I think you will find the big things we do today will have lasting impacts on our communities for years to come.

“We truly are making an impact and improving the quality of life and economic competitiveness for Marylanders.”

The report includes initiatives in innovation, entrepreneurship, and applied research:

  • TU’s applied research that addresses real-world issues in health care, government, education and business
  • TU’s economic and workforce development programs that provide critical skills for the region’s workforce
  • TU’s entrepreneurial programs that support creative empowerment and enterprise development for students and small businesses
  • TU’s community partnerships and relationships that enhance student learning and enrich local communities
  • TU’s internships and programs that allow students to learn new skill sets and help them on their pat into the workforce.

The Division of Innovation and Applied Research serves as a point of entry at TU for businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies and community members interested in collaborating with the university.

For more information about the Division of Innovation and Applied Research, please check out the TU Innovates blog.

The division includes a team of 70 expert researchers and technical staff members that focuses on applied research and technical services, continuing education and workforce development, entrepreneurship, and partnerships and outreach.

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