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TUPD helping students “walk safe” this spring

The trees are blooming, and the birds are chirping: It’s a great time for a walk on Towson University’s campus. This spring, the TUPD is teaming up with the Baltimore County Police Department (BCPD) and the Maryland Highway Safety Office (MHSO) to keep pedestrians informed and safe as they traverse the campus.

TUPD’s Walk Safe effort kicked off in January with the launch of a 1-minute video offering students, faculty and staff pedestrian safety. The video, which will be played on campus digital signs and shown at halftime during TU sporting events, focuses on preventing distracted walking—a common factor in pedestrian-involved accidents.

“Pedestrians are often distracted by their smart phones. They wear earbuds, or they talk with friends as they step directly into traffic without looking,” TUPD Captain Karen Johnson said. “Our officers have also observed distracted motorists exceeding speed limits and not being mindful of pedestrians. This campaign aims to increase safety awareness among both these groups to not only help reduce the number of accidents but also prevent some of the many near-misses we see everyday.”

In addition to the Walk Safe video, signs are being placed near crosswalks to remind pedestrians to look out for cars, and TUPD officers are canvassing common pedestrian routes to share safety tips and information. Officers are also incorporating pedestrian safety into presentations given to student groups and new hires. The information shared incorporates tips and data from Baltimore County’s “Walk Safe” campaign and the state’s “Toward Zero Deaths” effort.

Learn more about pedestrian safety by watching the Walk Safe video or going to Baltimore County’s Walk Safe website.

Tyler New assisted in writing this article.

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