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Student ambassadors give campus tours perspective, personality

Campus tours have been the gateway for many potential students to see what Towson has to offer.

According to Towson University’s Department of Undergraduate Marketing, more than 22,000 visitors take a campus tour each year. Prospective students and their parents make up a majority of these tourists.

Leading these tours are student ambassadors, current Towson University students who guide visitors through campus and answer questions about life at Towson. They offer a critical student’s perspective to many who are seeing the university for the first time.

“It is the first view that a lot of people get of the campus,” said Lauren McCracken, the undergraduate marketing coordinator at Towson. “Towson is really big on student interaction. If you’re going to come to school here, you want to know what it’s like. Who better to hear that from than our student ambassadors?”

Towson Student Ambassador Adam Mease '15, leads a campus tour through the hall of the Liberal Arts Building.

Ambassador Adam Mease ’15 leads a tour through the hall of the Liberal Arts Building.

The ambassadors are a diverse group, with wide-ranging backgrounds, majors and extracurricular activities. So while each provides the same tour information, they also bring their own unique perspective. And though their backgrounds and interests vary, their involvement at Towson remains a common denominator.

“We definitely look for students who are involved on campus,” said Joe Schuberth, associate director of undergraduate marketing. “We want students who take different classes and work with different clubs and organizations. We want a lot of representation so people can see themselves here at Towson.”

Undergraduate marketing provides a survey both before and after the campus tour, asking where Towson ranks on the list of college choices. We attended a tour for this story, and the number of visitors who ranked TU their top choice had tripled from the beginning of the tour to the end. Schuberth said his group is proud of these numbers, and gives a lot of credit to the student ambassadors.

“They engage our students by sharing their success stories and showing their love for Towson. It makes prospective students want to put Towson at the top of their list, and impresses the parents and family members as well.”

“We’re the connection between the prospective students coming in and the students already here at Towson,” said Allison Holocker, an ambassador. “We’re kind of the final bridge for students deciding if Towson is really where they want to call their ‘second home.’ Our job is to make that connection and make students feel what we feel when attending our school.”

Jhonell Campbell, another student ambassador, said one of the main reasons she came to Towson was her campus tour. She now uses that experience to help others choose Towson.

“I had the pleasure of being a resident assistant for someone I helped bring to Towson,” Campbell said. “I saw him on Move-in Day and he said, ‘I came to Towson because of you.’ That’s really cool to see people really enjoy the information you give them and share something you love with them.”

Student ambassadors must maintain at least a cumulative 2.5 GPA. They should also be passionate about Towson, because talking to a student ambassador will be the first TU interaction many prospective students will have. Those interested in becoming a student ambassador can learn more and apply online.

Campus tours are available Monday through Friday, and include a short presentation from University Admissions, followed by a 90-minute walking tour. Prospective students and their families can schedule a tour, or take a virtual campus tour, all online.


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