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In helping others find success, Towson alumna discovers her own

Whether counseling adults on how to achieve success or writing books for eager young readers, the goal for Kate Butler ’01 is the same: to help people find confidence and imagination.

As a self-employed Certified Professional Success Coach (CPSC), Butler provides life coaching and business mentoring to adults looking for inspiration.

“I work daily with clients to help up-level their lives in all areas,” she explains. “We do this through simple techniques that create happiness, harmony and abundance in their lives.”

Kate Butler

Butler reads her book with her daughters.

The same themes can also be found laced throughout “More Than Mud,” her first novel for children that aims to teach readers how to believe in themselves and dream big.

“While on vacation with my family last summer, I was watching my children play on the beaches of Aruba,” she says.

“As I watched them play so whimsically and carefree, I remember wishing I could bottle up this moment. My wheels started turning and I began to explore the idea of communicating to children what I teach to adults. And then it hit me … to create a children’s book based on the principles of a happy, healthy life, a life where you dream big with confidence and believe in yourself.”

The mass communication major used the skills she developed at TU to promote “More Than Mud” through press releases, social media and old-fashioned word-of-mouth. As a result the book was a huge success, receiving endorsements from several high-profile authors and a No. 1 spot in Amazon’s Top Ten New Releases list.

Whether it was her study abroad in Ireland that “changed the way I looked at my life” or the rallying support of her Alpha Phi sisters during her book launch, Butler credits much of her achievement to her time at Towson.

“I am grateful every day for the meaningful relationships I created while at TU,” she says. “I think it is always a good idea to have a network that supports you. TU not only gave me the tools I needed to succeed, but I always felt that as a community there was a vested interest in my success.”

This story first appeared on the Towson University Alumni Association website, where it was written by Olivia Orth.

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