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Welcome back, Dr. Caret: A celebration of Towson presidents and principals

In honor of  Robert Caret’s return to the University System of Maryland (USM) as chancellor, we’re looking back through the years at the principals and presidents of Towson University – including Dr. Caret himself.

Former TU president Robert Caret at the 2010 Commencement ceremonies

Former TU President Robert Caret during the 2010 Commencement ceremonies

Cook Library‘s Special Collections and Archives‘ blog, “Educated Guesses,” posted a thorough throwback all the way to 1866 with its post, “A Celebration of Towson Leadership.” Written by Library Associate Felicity Knox, the post examines the legacies of those who led Maryland State Normal School, the State Teachers College at Towson, Towson State College, Towson State University, and Towson University.

Knox discusses each leader’s contributions and their roles in growing the TU campus and curriculum. She also details their respective places in Towson’s evolution into the second-largest university in the USM.

Chancellor Caret was a professor, dean and provost for 25 years before taking over as the president of Towson University in 2003. As president, he oversaw academic and physical plant expansion and worked to make athletics a strong element of the Towson experience. The university’s endowment also grew under his leadership, and he led successful efforts with the state legislature and Board of Trustees in securing funding. He also reached out to area businesses, expanding the university beyond the campus borders by creating academic programs with other institutions, including the beginnings of Towson University in Northeastern Maryland.

Caret left Towson in 2011 to become president of the University of Massachusetts. His tenure as USM chancellor began July 1.

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