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New SGA president wants to make TU feel like home for all students

Senior Kurt Anderson stepped away from being an RA, to take on the responsibilities of the being the Towson SGA President.

Senior Kurt Anderson stepped away from being an RA to take on the responsibilities of the Towson SGA president.

From the moment he stepped on campus, Kurt Anderson felt like Towson was his home. That is why the senior information technology major from Ellicott City, Maryland, started participating in the Student Government Association (SGA) his freshman year.

Now a rising senior, Anderson gambled on himself and for SGA president. His years of being a Residence Assistant (RA) and a visible presence on campus helped the senior score a victory in an election with the biggest voter turnout in seven years.

What originally brought you to Towson University?

When I came to Towson, it just felt right. I was really involved in high school, so I didn’t spend a lot of time researching colleges. I knew I wanted to stay in state, and Towson just felt right for me.

I actually never took an official tour. I just drove through campus, made my decision and rolled up and moved into Barton House. I’ve been involved with SGA all four years. This is my home. It feels like that because of the family atmosphere, because everywhere I go, I know someone or I recognize faces.

Why did you decide to run for SGA President?

It was a last-minute decision because we decided to run the day before the packets were due. I was starting my senior year and getting ready to be an RA. I loved being an RA, and it was the highlight of my time here at Towson. There is no position on campus that is as rewarding as being an RA, and I grew and learned so much from my experience.

But college is about stepping outside your comfort zone. I never wanted to run for this position, let alone win it. But a few members of the SGA and I felt there needed to be a change. Nobody else wanted to step up. So I resigned from being an RA and focused on SGA because I believed in it and wanted to help bring change.

What was your reaction when you won?

They are reading the names of the winners, and I start checking off the names, and I just realized ‘Wow, our whole Senate ticket won.’ The feeling was unlike anything I’ve ever felt in my life because all this hard work paid off.

What are you going to focus on during your presidency?

The biggest thing we are going to focus on is transparency and accessibility. We want Towson students to know the SGA is here for them. We want them to feel comfortable coming to us, and we want Towson students to have the same experience that I had.

Why should students get involved with SGA?

It’s an opportunity to make a difference, it’s an opportunity to be part of something bigger than yourself, and it’s an opportunity to feel like you’re contributing to your college experience.

For more information about the Towson University SGA, visit the group’s homepage. And to keep up with SGA events and announcements, follow them on Facebook and Twitter


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