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Outgoing president Charlotte Ridgeway gives her “State of the SGA” address

Graduating senior Charlotte Ridgeway, outgoing president of Towson University’s Student Government Association (SGA), released her “State of the SGA Address” this week in a somewhat non-traditional format.

In the eight-minute video released on YouTube, Ridgeway summarized the SGA‘s many accomplishments over the past 2013-14 academic year, including production of the pro-diversity video “What’s Your Stand?”, passage of a landmark Student Bereavement Policy to take effect Aug. 1, 2014, approval of a new Reading Day for students (a day off from classes before final exams begin), and a new policy whereby ROTC students receive priority registration for classes.

In her address, Ridgeway also highlighted achievements like increased student participation in the annual “Town and Gown” community clean-up day, the recent launch of a #DearDoc campaign which provides students with a new avenue to voice concerns, and the SGA’s continuing commitment to improving campus-wide safety. And, she proudly pointed to the SGA’s decision to fund the cost of six buses to transport more than 250 students to Frisco, Texas, to watch the football team compete for the FCS national championship.

“I am excited to complete my term,” Ridgeway said at the end of the video, “and see what the next SGA has to offer.”

Earlier this week, a slate of new SGA officers was elected for the 2014-15 academic year. They include President-Elect Kevin Kutner, Vice President Becky Wiacek, Treasurer Joanna Enoch and Attorney General Bayan Rustom. Additionally, Gayon Sampson was appointed chief of staff.

A native of Norwalk, Conn., and a graduate of Brien McMahon High School, Ridgeway double majored in International Studies and Anthropology, with a minor in Latin American Studies. She is active with the TU chapter of Tri Delta, and an avid runner and bicyclist. She will receive her degree on May 21, during the second of six commencement ceremonies where she will preside as SGA president for the last time.

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