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New app helps TU students stay safe


This month, Towson University launched the SaferMobility app to help students, faculty and staff protect themselves against potential and ongoing crimes.

The app is free and available for download on Apple and Android devices. It features three main components: a mobile-escort feature that tracks your touch and, if you take your finger off the screen, sounds an alarm and calls the police; a video component that allows you to video chat with Police Communications Operators and send them real-time video of an ongoing crime; and an instant message feature that allows you to message police in situations where you don’t want to heard.

“Almost every student has a mobile device, so it makes sense to tap into an app for campus safety,” said TU Senior and SGA President Kurt Anderson. “TU has one of the safest campuses in the USM, and by using this app to report potential crimes, we can all help to keep it that way.”

When in use, the app employs geo-location technology that can help police find users who are in emergency situations. App users can also choose to add important health information to their SaferMobility profile to aid in emergency response.

“The app is a great addition to the university’s emergency response system,” Deputy Chief of Police Joe Herring said. “We envision this working alongside our SafeWalk and SafeRide programs, e2campus text alerts, and police emergency line to help keep the campus community alert, informed, and protected.“

Students, faculty and staff are reminded to use the TUPD emergency number, 410-704-4444, as the primary number for emergency calls. Individuals dialing from campus phones should use x4-4444.

The SaferMobility app is being brought to campus via a partnership between the Student Government Association and the Towson University Police Department. The app is also being used at University of Maryland College Park.

To download the app, search for Towson University in the App Store or on Google Play, then select SaferMobility. For more information on campus safety, or instructions on how to use the app, go to http://towson.edu/campussafety.

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