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Special message about Baltimore unrest

Interim President Timothy J. L. Chandler sent this message to students, faculty and staff on Friday.

This has been a challenging, painful and difficult week for all of us. The issues that we are struggling with are profound and must be faced with on-going dialogue and constructive efforts if we are going to make meaningful changes to our society. I am immensely proud of the way our students have articulated what we know is our shared responsibility.

I am in full support of and applaud our students’, faculty’s and staff’s ongoing work to create safe spaces for this type of hard but essential work. We must also remember that we are a community and as such need to be sensitive to each other and rely on our shared values to guide us. As developments continue to unfold, let’s keep our focus on finding answers passionately, peacefully, and productively.

Thank you for your continued support.

Timothy J. L. Chandler
Interim President